Bloore Residence - Santa Monica
Construction of full basement beneath existing residence while homeowners continued living in residence.


Pfau Residence - Santa Monica
New construction of 4,500 sq. ft. Santa Monica home.
Architect: Carson Architects, Tom Carson A.I.A.

Summers Residence - Santa Monica
Complete restoration and systems modernization of a 6,000 s.f. original Santa Monica estate beach cottage circa 1927. New sound studio to be built.
Architect: Tierra Sol Y Mar, Inc.

Sodaro Residence - Santa Monica
Added second story additon to remodel.
Architect: Donna West


Sodaro Residence - Santa Monica
Parlor addition to a Cecil Gale traditional style house and enclosed patio with indoor/outdoor fireplace. Specially crafted bay windows.
Architect: Donna West

Drew Barrymore Residence - Beverly Hills
Remodel to Original Coldwater Canyon Ranch.
Architect: Greg Dahle

Gertler Residence - Rustic Canyon
Remodel to existing Ray Kappe A.I.A. house (see 1997, 1988, 1978 for prior work)


Marcucci Residence - Cheviot Hills
Complete rebuild with an addition of a traditional/contemporary home as well as a new detached garage with art studio.
Architect: Sam Tolkin, A.I.A.

Swicord/Kazan Residence - Ocean Park, Santa Monica
Continuation of remodels and upgrade to a 1905 vintage Craftsman cottage. Master bedroom suite remodel. His and hers closets, master bath finished with Ann Sacks tile. (see 1996, 1994, 1992 & 1987 for prior work)
Architect: Donna West


Lake Residence - Santa Monica
Complete renovation of a Spanish bungalow with a major addition creating a two story Spanish contemporary.
Architect: Andy Alper, Alper & Kesterson.

Gertler Residence - Rustic Canyon
Landscape remodel with extensive poured concrete retaining walls creating multiple terraces. (see 1988, 1978, for prior work)
Landscape Desinger: Francis Knight


Tia Brelis/Casey Silver Residence - Santa Monica
Complete rebuild/restoration of a 1907 vintage two story 3,500 sq. ft. Craftsman Style home and a detached two story 1,000 sq. ft. guest house and 3-car garage. Close attention to Craftsman style detailing.
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.

Swicord/Kazan Residence - Ocean Park, Santa Monica
Addition of pool and pool house to a two-story Craftsman style bungalow.
(see prior work done in 1992 & 1987).
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.


Jacky Lavin/Brian Finney Residence - Rialto Ave., Venice
Contemporary second story addition with observation deck to a vintage 1900's Venice Craftsman cottage. Existing structure remodeled to interface with addition.
Architect: Tom Egidi

Karen Comegys/Ed Wortz Residence
Sunset Park, Santa Monica
Remodel of a home office in a traditional house.
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.


Heidi Frey/Robert Greenwald Residence - Howland Canal
Reconstruction of existing duplex, originally built in the early 1900's. A whimsical quasi-craftsman/industrial design in the Venice Canals. Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.

Swicord/Kazan Residence - Ocean Park, Santa Monica
Continuation of the remodel and upgrade on this 1905 vintage Ocean Park Craftsman-style house. Featured in "American Bungalow" magazine.
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.

Brelis/Silver Residence - Ocean Park, Santa Monica
Seismic Retrofit. Structural upgrade involving major foundation and structural steel moment frames. Conversion of a five-car garage space into a high quality Craftsman-style office/gym with 3/4 bath. Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.


Nash Drive - Laurel Canyon
Complete reconstruction of a 1927 cottage. New foundation, walls, roof, interiors. Addition of decks and patios integrating interior and exterior space.
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.

Jurgutis Residence - Georgina Street, Santa Monica
Addition of a 150 sq. ft. master bathroom to a 1940's ranch style house.


Heidi Frey Greenwald/Robert Greenwald Residence
Marina del Rey

Remodel and consolidation of two condominium units into one unit. Natural wood, high tech style. Featured in "Angeles" magazine.
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.

Nicolette Sheridan Residence - Bel Air
Remodel of a Ranch style home including roof, fence, miscellaneous items to repair prior contractor's errors.


Jim Lumsden Residence - Hollywood Hills
Trouble-shooting analysis of a partially complete 5,000 sq. ft. house in the Hollywood Hills after initial contractor was terminated.

Dean Gooodhill Residence - Santa Monica
Renovation of official Los Angeles residence of former Governor Jerry Brown for the new owner, Dean Goodhill.


Laura Johnson/Harry Hamlin Residence
Beverly Hills Post Office
Complete renovation of a 6,000 sq. ft. 1927 Beverly Hills hilltop home. Extensive use of rustic hand plaster, imported material and custom detail to replicate the look of a 17th century Italian country villa.

Gertler Residence - Rustic Canyon
Major remodel of existing 5,000 sq. ft. Rustic canyon home, originally designed by award-winning architect Ray Kappe, A.I.A. Contemporary design using mitered glass walls and exposed glu-lam beams. This home incorporates the highest quality clear redwood paneling and an extensive lighting system, which used the very latest in complex custom, designed low voltage fixtures.
Architect: Ray Kappe, A.I.A. designer: Robert Ross, Inc.


Lyle Poncher Residence - Mandeville Canyon
Addition to and rebuild of a 6,000 sq. ft. contemporary house using traditional Japanese detailing. Custom finished hand plaster, extensive exposed wood joinery, and custom mill work.
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.

Swicord/Kazan Residence - Ocean Park, Santa Monica
Restoration/upgrade of a 1913 California Craftsman bungalow in Ocean Park (interior plus 1,000 sq. ft. addition). All materials and detailing to match existing style, including Craftsman-style furniture.
Architect: Lise Matthews & Associates, A.I.A., A.S.I.D.

Michael Mann Residence - Sunset Boulevard
10,000 sq. ft. California Mission Style home. Seismic retrofit using structural steel moment frames completely concealed within stucco and plaster walls. The interior of the house had just been extensively remodeled requiring extreme care in installation of the work. One of the moment frames, approximately 40 ft. wide by 30 ft. high, required special crane work in a three ft. wide side yard. Exterior plaster run mold required restoration and the matching of existing moulding


Sara Boyers Residence - Rustic Canyon
Construction of a 5,000 sq. ft. house by Paul Thoryk A.I.A. Ultra-Modern with wood, 2 1/2 stories in a residential neighborhood. Challenging construction details.
Architect: Paul Thoryk, A.I.A.


De Heras residence - Mar Vista
Complete renovation and remodel of a 2,000 sq. ft. "Industrial Style" house.
Architect Howard Rosen.

Carlton Residence - Santa Monica
Remodel of a one-story house located north of Montana.
Architect: Sam Tolkin, A.I.A.

Adams/ Cowan Residence - Mandeville Canyon
Major grading project to cut and re-slope a failed hillside behind house. Job scope included retaining walls, landscaping, and exterior house painting.

Albert and Elissa Yellin Residence - Santa Monica Canyon
Total rebuild of a 3,500 sq. ft. house located on a cliff-side. Built on structural slab supported on 50 ft. caissons into the bedrock below. Cedar and glu-lam construction.
Architect: Sam Tolkin, A.I.A.

Gary Gilbert Residence - Beverly Hills Condominium
Remodeled a high-rise penthouse in an occupied building. Super high-tech decorator New York loft style. Exposed, cast in place and sand blasted concrete. Finishes include mirror, leather, marble. Computerized disco lighting system.
Designer: Eric Erspamer

Dawn Steel/Peter Montgomery residence - Laurel Canyon
Handcrafted oak doors, Jewel Box Construction.
Architect: Otto Korber, A.I.A.

Ginsburg Residence - Santa Fe, NM
Designer: Jerry Ginsburg

Thind Residence - Zuma Beach, Malibu
Handmade extravaganza using Honduras mahogany doors, windows and frames, polished concrete and an active solar system to complete a 6,000 sq. ft. house. One of the most unique residences on the coast.
Architect: Michael Leventhal, A.I.A.

Gertler Residence - Rustic Canyon
Extensive addition to existing Ray Kappe, A.I.A. house.

Lloyd and Luci Wolf Residence - Rustic Canyon
2,500 sq. ft. house of redwood and teak, handmade, wood butcher style.
Architect: Stewart Meyer.

Peter Dunn Residence - Beverly Hills Post Office
Remodel and addition to a hillside home located on San Ysidro Drive.

Sara Miles Residence - Benedict Canyon
Remodel and remedial work to a Craftsman style hillside cottage.

Alice Cooper Residence - Benedict Canyon
Addition of a Greene and Greene style entry.


Apprentice in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Max Van Runkle worked on numerous projects with various builders during this time. He was foreman on an active solar house at Tesuque, NM at 25 years of age. He participated in building traditional and experimental adobe homes.

In 1969 Max spent the summer as a carpenter preparing the site of the Woodstock Music Festival for Steve Cohen and Michael Lang.

Building construction has been his business and trade throughout his entire teenage and adult life. In fact, his earliest memories are of his Uncle Cecil's 35 acre building site in Benedict Canyon at one year of age.

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